Country Hearth Inn Union City : Hotel Sun Club Djerba

Country Hearth Inn Union City

country hearth inn union city

    union city
  • An industrial city in northeastern New Jersey, across the Hudson River from New York City; pop. 58,102

  • Union City is a city in Alameda County, California, United States. Union City was incorporated in 1959 with the communities of Alvarado and Decoto. Alvarado was the original county seat of Alameda County, and the site of the first county courthouse is a California Historical Landmark (#503).

  • A city in north central California, south of Oakland; pop. 53,762

  • Union City is a Bay Area Rapid Transit station located near the Decoto district of Union City. Service at this station began on September 11, 1972. The station sits near Decoto Road east of Alvarado-Niles Road, directly behind James Logan High School's campus.

  • Union City is a 1980 film starring Deborah Harry and Dennis Lipscomb.

  • The land of a person's birth or citizenship

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Hotels near Atlanta Airport

Hotels near Atlanta Airport

Come and stay at Country Hearth Inn Parkway Union City, GA to enjoy entertainment, shopping, and dining venues on your vacation tour to Union City.

Union City Soccer 08-21-11

Union City Soccer 08-21-11

08/21/11 -- Soccer action at the Richard H. Sheridan field in Union City, Calif., Sunday, August 21, 2011.

country hearth inn union city

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